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“Hey. Do you have a minute? I think I have a psychological safety topic.” I was stressed. Without a single frontend developer in our engineering team we were starting to slow down. I had finished the performance profile and sent it to my teammate two days ago. She still hadn’t published the role. Did she not know we were in a hiring crunch? I told her this is our number one priority last week. Should I tell her again? But that would be micro-managing. Should I just do it myself? That would look like I don’t trust her to do…

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An ingredient list

In another essay on psychological safety I talked at length about the pre-requisite for good feedback: people need to know you care. What else makes good feedback?

Giving feedback

Focus on the future.

The goal of giving feedback is to encourage effective future behavior. Thus, when giving feedback, don’t get hung up on the past.¹ Focus on what your teammate can do differently or should keep doing in the future.

When somebody pushes back on feedback, just let it go. Don’t let yourself get sucked into an argument about the past, when the whole point of feedback lies in the future. …

The Electronics industry has long innovation cycles, but uses short acronyms: We can deal with both.

You want to know more about what it is we are doing at Luminovo? You know nothing (or very little) about the electronics industry? Or why we think it is exciting? This post is for you.

Not too long ago we decided to put all our eggs in one basket and build the operating system for the electronics industry. To be frank, not all of us grew up thinking: “I want to build the operating system for the electronics industry!”. Instead, many of us grew up thinking “What a nifty car!”, “What a dandy phone!” or “Why is my train…

A Memo on Performance-Based Hiring

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What follows is a memo I wrote to explain the hiring philosophy at Luminovo to our team. If your job descriptions still include a list of skills and experiences (like “X years of Python experience” or “a university degree in communication design”) you might benefit from reading this. Among other things you will learn about performance profiles, the opportunity gap and the only two types of interview questions you will ever need. As it was originally written for internal training purposes, there are some references to Luminovo that you can happily translate to your own company while reading. …

A productivity boosting list

This post documents what I usually tell those people that are unlucky enough to draw my attention to their lack of using shortcuts. If you use your mouse more than your keyboard you might benefit from reading this post.

Four years ago, I was sitting in Lathrop Library at Stanford doing a problem set for one of my computer science classes, when it happened. Mid-conversation one of my friends paused, switched from his code editor to his browser, googled the question we were just discussing and switched back to his code editor. His action caught me off guard. Not because…

I use iTerm2 + zsh + Prezto + spaceship-prompt and so should you!

Benefits in a nutshell

  • it looks cooler
  • better file globbing, spelling correction, a self-learning cd command and tons of plugins
  • useful information about git, your virtual environment, the k8s context and more

See for yourself!

spaceship-prompt, fasd and fzf in action.

To get the same terminal awesomeness, here are step-by-step instructions to get you there.

Disclaimer: These step-by-step instructions only work for OS X. Everything but iTerm2 should also run on Linux though.

iTerm2 + color scheme + font

‌Download and install iTerm2 here.

‌Next we’ll install the Solarized Dark color scheme. Download this file and make sure it has the .itermcolors extension.

  • Launch iTerm 2.
  • Type CMD+i (⌘+i)
  • Navigate to Colors tab
  • Click on Color…

Every problem worth solving needs great tools for support. Deep learning is no exception. If anything, it is a realm in which good tooling will become ever more important over the coming years. We are still in the relatively early days of the deep learning supernova, with many deep learning engineers and enthusiasts hacking their own way into efficient processes. However, we are also observing an increasing number of great tools that help facilitate the intricate process that is deep learning, making it both more accessible and more efficient. …

This post assumes you have a CS231n-ish level of understanding of neural networks (aka you have taken a university level introduction course to deep learning). If you are completely new to neural nets, I highly recommend exactly said course as a perfect resource to quickly get up to speed. Honestly, it was when following those lectures that I developed most of my intuitions about CNNs that (the intuitions) I still rely on every day — Thanks Andrej! Thanks Justin!)

The first image that comes up if you google for batch renormalization. Source:

If you’re like me, you enjoy throwing CNNs at every pictorial problem that comes your way. You feel confident explaining to…

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Founder @ Luminovo

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